Make Sure Your Money Goes With You: a Social Security Change of Address

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Make Sure Your Money Goes With You: a Social Security Change of Address

Actually it’s not just retirees who need keep their address current with the Social Security Administration.  It’s anyone receiving benefits or who has applied for a Social Security Card or who has any type of pending claim.  But if you’re worried about receiving that fascinating Social Security statement in the mail, don’t bother.  You can get a cop of that online by creating an account on the Social Security website.

Go to  and set up a free account.  Then you’re registered for life and you can eventually apply for retirement online with that account.  But in the meantime, it’s a handy account to have for  submitting an online Social Security change of address.  By now I hope you’ve learned that simple tasks like this are much better done online than any other way.  You simply log in, access the right page, and quickly type in your new address.  Voila, you’re done.

The Online Social Security Change of Address

You’re set if you are already receiving benefits or medicare.  That’s because you can definitely file your Social Security change of address on their website after logging into your account.  You most certainly should feel a little bit sorry for people who are only receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income) because they can’t change their address online.

If you receive SSI then call the Social Security number at 1-800-772-1213 during the week to change your address.  Alternatively, you can visit your local Social Security office but seriously, that’s not convenient for most people.  Also, you will find yourself waiting a very long time before you get to talk to anyone and then once you do, it will be a ridiculous scene because wow you cold have just called from the comfort of your own home.

How To Change Your Address With Social Security When You Live Overseas

If you live overseas then you probably LOVE the internet.  It’s the world’s greatest for staying in touch, learning about new things, and keep track of your life as well.  Wouldn’t you think that, of all the groups out there who need to be able to perform a Social Security change of address online it would be ex-patriates?  But no…. if you live overseas then you have to visit the US Embassy or Consulate nearest you and pray they have a Federal Benefits Office.  There isn’t even an international toll free number you can call if you want to speak to someone at the Social Security offices back home in the US.

To find out where your service office would be, visit the Social Security website’s page on foreign offices here.

What if I Applied for a Social Security Card and Then Moved?

In this situation, there’s nothing you can do with Social Security Administration or the website.  Once you order a Social Security card, the machine starts rolling and nothing can change what’s already in place.  Just file a change of address form with the Post Office and your new card will get forwarded to you.